Casting for a new PIRATE for upcoming shows... 

Imagine Pirates are a combat/comedy troupe that performs at public and private events and for films/photo shoots. We have appeared at venues including the El Rey Theatre, Orpheum, Key Club and El Capitan Theatre and recently were featured in the film Timecrafters, with Malcolm McDowell. We are a small troupe of less than ten persons, our core members being writer/actor Bullet Valmont, musician Joe Ansalvish, and actor/musician Ed Gage

We are Seeking: 
Female actor with reasonable skills (able to memorize dialoge/blocking/etc.), physically healthy and energetic enough to perform choreographed stage combat with steel swords. A big voice and personality will help too. Punctuality and work ethic matter more than experience or "talent" so if you're new to acting/performing you still may be perfect for us. Show up on time, turn off your phone, work hard and that's all we ask. 
    We rehearse once a week, in Hollywood, for about three hours. All work (including dialogue memorization) is done during rehearsal. We focus during practice so nobody has to go home with any scripts to learn. Other than rehearsals there is the occasional costume fitting or promotional photo shoot and, of course, the shows themselves. The time commitment is minimal. The pay varies depending on the gig. 

    Please visit our website at: ImaginePirates.com to get a sense of what we do and if interested email us a picture/resume or link to your web page. Thanks!

Email to Bullet V. or Joe Ansalvish at: Info@ImaginePirates.com